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31 January 2007 @ 12:40 am
hooded jacket
long sleeved shirt
thermal tank top
long johns
three pairs of socks
hiking boots
two pairs of gloves

14 layers of clothing for Broomball.  At least losing means we won't have to go out in the cold again!
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21 January 2007 @ 03:09 am
A.  A surprisingly high number of UofC students end up marrying other UofC students

B. Most Tuftsians are friends with....other Tuftsians.

C. I fear for the future.

This is what happens when you merge lounge conversations with When Harry Met Sally.
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Beware the toxic fumes of turpentine!
After a day of avoiding it, I finally took some Sudafed in order to attend the farewell party tonight.  This, of course, meant that I would have to be on a strict diet of water while at the party, but it actually didn't turn out to be so bad. 

As it was, the Sudafed and the party atmosphere were enough to make me feel a little less sober, anyway. 

Granted, there were some times where I would have preferred to have been inebriated, but I don't think I would have handled it any better.  And I think I handled it fairly well, in terms of accepting how completely ridiculous the situation was, and having moved on.

Walking home, I remarked that with my luck, Sudafed will not have the same alcohol restrictions that other drugs have, and in fact is probably marketed as a medicine specifically for alcoholics.  A look at the Sudafed website has not proved me wrong.

And as it turns out, most everybody who got gloriously smashed came off the high really badly, and not being one of their number is a nice feeling.

My roommate is not here.  Since she did not communicate, in any way, shape, or form, where she would be when she left, I no longer feel like the Bad Roommate.  I'm sure the feeling will come back.
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11 January 2007 @ 11:00 pm
Wake up

Kuvia and breakfast

Finish Goethe's Faust

World Lit class



Multimedia Programming class


Programming Lector class

Greta Garbo movie @ Doc

Bio Homework

House Meeting

Realize everyone in Tufts has an LJ, and decides to friend them all

Write an entry about all the shit I've done today!
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07 January 2007 @ 10:26 pm

Sometimes things last longer than you might pessimistically expect.  This isn't a bad thing.  (though it makes you complacent)

Theatre might have involved more people, but face it, you didn't totally feel like you belonged.  When you start, work incessantly, and finish a painting in the span of one week.....you might have found a better way to spend your time.  And all that time spent in the art room isn't closed to non-cast/crew!

Just beause you can do art doesn't mean you can do it quickly.  You dont even like boats, so what made you think that a on-site timed competition painting one would go well?

Going from a small, monochromatic, photorefrenced painting to a large, multifaceted, barely photorefrenced painting is a giant leap not to be taken lightly.  In the end, the things you do in your spare time end up being the best things to expand upon.

Is it weird to realize that you will never see most of these people again?  Even the ones you didn't neccessarily always get along with?

Always look at a weather forecast, and don't just assume that Italy is always warm.  Also, Rome may not be as safely tiny as Florence, but that doesn't make it less awesome.

Parents are completely unfathomable. The same ones that refuse to let your boyfriend drive you to Prom are also the ones that decide its alright to leave you home alone for three days.

Making plans to complete large projects over the summer will only lead to a feeling of complete unproductiveness.  Aim low, and procrastination will never make you dissapointed in yourself.

Sometimes your friends can surprise you...and sometimes they surprise you through the realization that they are your friends.  It's too easy to underestimate your friend-making capabilities, but always a wonderful surprise when they do come through for you.

Taking the opportunity as it presents itself is all well and good, but sometimes it's better to back away from a situation and realize that maybe you need a week.  If you fear that the opportunity will be lost if you wait on it, well....if you jump into it, it'll probably be short lived anyway.  Of course, hindsight is always 20/20.

Sometimes the best families are the ones that you're not born into.

Sometimes the nicest of friends are born from the meanest of situations- these are the ones that you keep around.  Also, the best sisters are the non-biological ones.  (and not the nun kind either)

And, because you can learn things in just a week, too,

Some things change, but a lot of things stay the same.  The biggest difference are the things you newly notice.  Buying a quarter pass means you can go to movies you wouldn't normally risk money on, like silent french cinema!
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Hearing:: A newly tuned piano! well....only on one chord.
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15 December 2006 @ 02:39 am

Hope springs eternal.

i goddamn wish it wouldn’t!


Theres no good reason for me to still be so hung up about this.  Theres an expiration date on these things, on relationships like this, and this one is moldy, sour, freezerburnt.  And to be wasting so much time, to feel like ive lost something regarding a boy who has made it clear that he doesn’t care a whit about me anymore, its asinine.  Its ridiculous, and pointless, and if it wasn’t for that nagging voice in the back of my head, maybe I couldve given up on him a long time ago.  But noo, what if?  What if he really isnt ignoring me?  What if he still likes me, but thinks I don’t like him, so he’s trying to stay away from me because yes, kate, you live in a fucking soap opera and of course that’s how life works!  Christ!  Because even if, even if! he felt like that about you it would have ended a while ago, because….because you’ve kinda been doing that to him.  Because you do still like him.  And you don’t want him to think your creepy and clingy (because, jesus, you’re usually not, what is this?!) and so you’ve been trying to not force yourself into his company, but no!  you’ve been trying to talk to him!  You say hello, you smile, and so he responds, but you don’t ever converse.  Can you blame that on him, or can it be both your faults?  Like it was both our faults that the whole thing never had any definite closure (or did it and youre just in denial cause you cant find anybody else to kiss?) if you wanted closure, you should have sought it out about two months ago, kate, this is ridiculous.  

The whole reason it fell apart was because you two had communication problems.  The whole reason its still apart is because of communication problems!  If you could have, perhaps, not been awkward, and when he tenatively put forth that maybe the relationship had run its course- because that’s what this all stems from, isnt it! that nagging feeling that maybe he had wanted you to protest, and you didn’t!  you wanted to and you didn’t!  and why?  Because you didn’t know what to say.  And you still don’t know what to say, obviously, since you’ve been pining over that since it happened!  Since you realized that he wasn’t even going to reforge a basic friendship, and you realized you’d lost even that.  And you figured you’d just get drunk at a party one time, and tell him, and then he’d know, for better or for worse, but you’re just as shy when your drunk as when your sober!  In fact, you just have all the more reason to be shy!  Jesus, what a mess. 

And now its too late, isnt it.  You’re just going to have to get over it.  Find somebody else, go to parties with them, enjoy yourself wihtout that nagging voice that points out who you were dancing with the last time you were at a party here.   Because this is ridiculous, you cant just try to go back to an old relationship because it didn’t work out the way you wanted it to.  The boy doesn’t like you anymore!  Just cause, for once in your life, you werent tired of a guy before you ended the relationship doesn’t give you the right to go bother him again, a good month after the fact, to figure out whether or not he still has feelings for you!  He doesn’t!  hes made it clear to everyone except that idiotic, Dickinsonian bird of hope that wont fucking shut up!



Maybe now I’ll be able to sleep.

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This entry is for Aaron, who recently decided to eljay friend me and so I felt guilty about having posted nothing recently.

Thus, I present to you, The Soccer Player's Date(since I can't remember their fucking names)

So, me, Amelia, Summer, Grant and Tyler were sitting in the hallway of the fourth floor, outside 'melia and summer's room, when one of the Soccer Players returns from the Winter Formal with his date.  Nothing terribly remarkable, though Tyler does wonder if us and our ridiculous laughter at unfunny things was an embarrassment to the Soccer Player, or simply made him look better in comparison.  (We reasoned that both were probably true.)  A little bit later, I think Tyler had left, the Date emerges from the room and heads towards the bathroom. 
We are in her way.

It becomes increasingly evident that not only had the slip underneath her sheer fabric dress become bunched up somehow but that she was not wearing any underwear
We somehow managed to not die of laughter until the bathroom door had actually closed, possibly out of the surreal nature of the whole thing. 

Needless to say, we made sure we were all standing up for her return trip, just in case.
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24 August 2006 @ 10:01 am
Not a lot going on.

Finished watching The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, which was wonderful!  And, Liz, if you see a scene where you think "...Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead?"  you're not alone.  (You're right, too)

Been making a few bits of art, but have not painted anything yet.  This is disgraceful.  I think I'm going to pack up all my stuff (or at least know  exactly what I will pack) and then just put all of my art supplies in one area and just MAKE STUFF.

Because, geez.  I think the more free time I have, the less inclined I am to do anything with it.

Or maybe I just need to cut off my internet.
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Hearing:: Squeaky Fan (Damn you, Liz, for leaving!)
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05 August 2006 @ 09:49 pm
Well...life sucks.

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08 July 2006 @ 11:57 am
So the first one is just odd. 
Apparently I'm in Italy again, but I'm being broken out of some jail. So we're sneaking about, and then suddenly I realize I can fly.  Well, I can glide. So I'm trying to leave the city, which is on a plateau, and I'm gliding, I'm gliding, and I figure I'm going to land myself on these docks close to the city entrance/checkpoint, because, now, for some reason, I don't actually want to leave, cause it would be illegal or something. So I'm trying to land on these docks when a gust of wind comes up behind me and pushes me along, and I'm passing the docks, passing the checkpoint, and so finally I get myself down to the ground and have to walk back up to the checkpoint.  There I meet the official person and he's mad at me for leaving the city.  But I'm still exhilarated about the whole, you know, flying thing, so I dont care much.

The second one is just weird.
So, it's graduation, apparently. Except that the scene switches really quickly to something related to basketball and then suddenly we're in a walmart. And this girl randomly starts attacking me, because, apparently, I was looking at her boyfreind.  (he was playing basketball and I suppose thats how that scene mixed in)  So, I'm trying to inform her that I have a boyfriend, so if I'm looking at hers, I'm just admiring the view, except that she's not listening to me, and now suddenly her boyfriend shows up.  And so we just kinda stand there, and its awkward. and I think there may have been something about motorcycles. in the walmart.  Either way, I wake up, and I'm kinda squashed between two people, in a group of people, and we're in this dark club thing and I have a joint in my mouth.  (I told you it was weird) So I'm like "holy crap!" and there's something about the basketball player being confronted by some authority figure man about his joint and being like, what're you gonna do?  And apparently I cant smoke in my dreams any more than I can in real life, heh. So I get up, and I'm trying to find liz, cept that there's very little light and the place is almost like a library, with aisles.  So I'm whispering her name and I finally find her so I'm like "liz! what time is it?" and she says its three, so I'm freakin out.  And liz is like "relaax, we'll tell your parents I had a sleepover, you know, for graduation" so I feel better about that.  And then theres something random about alyssa and how I'm glad shes just smoking a cigarette and it really has no bearing on anything.  And then I realize that there are a bunch of windows next to us, and the sky is really light, like its early morning already.  And soon people start announcing that they're leaving, and so we get up and go.  And apparently we're giving patrick a ride too, which I felt was odd even in my dream.  So we go to my house, and I think I'm trying to sneak in or something, and I end up in the basement.  Which has a room very much like Mr. Buckley's choir room.  And then liz tries to go out the door, except suddenly, omg, a tiger jumps out!  And so we're all screaming, and I'm trying to get liz back in the room and then shut the door, but then I end up on the other side, with the tiger.  But the tiger, while ferocious, doesn't seem to be too occupied with actually eating me, other than my sleeves.  Which is still frightening, so I'm screaming up the stairs for my parents, and they come dashing down and somehow calm the tiger down.  And then, as if this dream wasn't cracky enough, they go on to tell me that whatever ian and I were doing is okay by them, leaving me with a very "WTF?!?" expression on my face and my brain overloads and I wake up.

And this is why I do NOT invest in a dream dictionary.  Good lord...
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